Meet the Founder!  Stephanie Renise is a Beauty Industry Entrepreneur, born and raised just outside of Chicago, Illinois.  She has always had a passion for healthy hair care and a love for beauty.  Stephanie started her career in 2004, with a purpose of enhancing beauty one client at a time.  She has been a licensed cosmetologist for over 18 years. Stephanie also owns Heaven on Earth Salon & Salon Suites, where she leases out individual salon suites to other beauty industry professionals.  Stephanie makes it a priority to help other people to achieve their goals and provides customers with healthy hair care tips and customized regimens. 

Stephanie noticed that there was a need for professional grade products, that could be purchased by consumers, to maintain their healthy hair in between hair appointments.  In 2008, she began to work with a chemist to create chemical free products.  From there, the natural hair era was on a rise and many of her customers, including herself, joined in by growing out their relaxers. 

During this time, there were no products that could leave the hair silky, smooth, and bouncy when choosing to wear their natural tresses straight.  In mid 2013, it was then that The silkenED System was birthed.  These products were created with thermal protectant in them.  They were designed to prevent natural curls from loosing their natural curl pattern, by giving hair the ability to be blow dried straight, and then have the capability to revert back to its natural state free from heat damage.  Just 3 years later, the Curls definED Collection took flight and continues to soar.

With the focus on educating consumers, Stephanie is committed to helping individuals around the globe to look and feel better about themselves inside and out.  She believes that God created us in His image and in His likeness, and that everything He created was good.  He wants us to maintain the beauty that has already been given to us.  We are already beautiful, and these products were created and designed with you in mind. Just know that...It's Already Done!