Why is a Hair Care Regimen Important???

First, you might ask...What is a hair care regimen?  It is a schedule of basic hair care steps that are performed on a regular bases to obtain as healthy hair as possible.  Please understand, healthy hair does not just happen on its own.  It is obtained by using the proper products and proper techniques on a consistent bases.  Hair care routines can vary from person to person based on the current condition of your hair and several other factors, so one hair care regimen that works for another person may not work for you.  You may have to seek professional advice and/or do a bit of research to find out what works best for you.  The time and energy is well worth it.  The results are beautiful, healthy flowing locks!

If you want to grow your hair longer, fuller, or have smoother texture just like any other goal, you will need a plan! Contact us to schedule an Enhancement Session!  In the session we will evaluate where you are now, what your goals are, and recommend the proper products and procedures to help you obtain your healthy hair goal.  Sessions are hands-on so come prepared to experience Heavenly Enhanced Multi-Textural Hair Care Products!

~Stephanie Renise

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